Monday, 20 August 2012

Our Hummingbird Bakery Trip

As we are baking our way through the entire Hummingbird Bakery 'Cake Days' book, Olivia and I thought it was obligatory that we paid a visit to one of their bakeries across London. We went to one of their newer locations, their Spitalfields outlet, as we could then visit Brick Lane after for some retail therapy. The bakery isn't actually in Spitalfields market which I initially thought it would be, instead it's off a side road which was a little confusing to find but we managed eventually (with the help of our phones - where would we be without them?).

When we arrived at the shop it was quite quiet, however whilst we sat and ate our cakes quite a few people came to pick up some delicious treats. I really liked the way it was set out, with a choice to sit inside or outside, however we were both slightly disappointed by the selection of cakes available. The book is obviously so full of varying recipes, but the shop, I find, didn't represent this. The majority of the cakes were the classics, red velvet, carrot, vanilla, chocolate etc, they then had their daily special -  which on the day was a Coffee Frappe Cupcake, as they are currently doing a 'Milkshakes and Frappes' period, where each day there is a different cupcake of this theme.

So overall we both really enjoyed our trip to Hummingbird and would definitely recommend a visit, however if we could change one thing then we would perhaps suggesting having a slightly more varied selection of cakes for customers. Check out their website to see where there other locations are.

My Coffee Frappe cupcake, this was really nice and the butter icing wasn't too sickly so really topped off the cake well.

Olivia's Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie, she really enjoyed it, however the slice was quite large - although that's not always a bad thing!

Olivia then bought two cupcakes to take home and we had to put a picture of the really cute box they give you to carry it!

Red Velvet Cupcake

Carrot Cupcake

Thanks for reading,

Naomi and Olivia ♥

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