Sunday, 9 September 2012

Baby Shower Cupcakes

A friend recently asked me to make some cupcakes for her sister-in-law's baby shower and I of course immediately agreed. This was my first paid order and it's also good experience, as well as being a lot of fun. 

I was only making 20 cupcakes so the task wan't too daunting, we decided on 10 chocolate cakes and 10 lemon, keeping the flavours simple, so we could please as many people as possible. After doing some online research and talking to my friend about her ideas we agreed on the 10 chocolate cupcakes having a babies face on them and the 10 lemon cakes being topped with lemon butter icing and baby themed icing figurines. They know that the baby is a boy which also made the process slightly easier as it meant we could have a definite colour scheme. 

Lemon Cupcakes 

Chocolate Cupcakes

For the icing shapes on top of the lemon cupcakes I used modelling paste and various food colour pastes. I made them a couple of days in advance so that they could dry out properly. The faces on the chocolate cupcakes were just made out of sugar paste and they were very easy to do as the design is simple but at the same time, effective. 

I was really happy with the outcome of both sets of cupcakes and so was my friend and apparently everyone at the shower, so overall my first order was a success!

Thanks for reading,

Naomi ♥


  1. Wow, these are amazing for a first order! It's all get go from here :)
    Dd you make the little ducks out of sugar paste as well?
    I bet the mama was really pleased :) x

    1. Thank you :) They were made from modelling paste that I coloured.
      Yess I think she was, thankfully aha x

    2. they look like something you'd pick up from lakeland!
      where did you get your modelling paste from?

    3. Ahhh thank you! I got it off ebay actually, from this seller :) x


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